Standby can generate splines, serrations and threads quickly and accurately through the use of our Anderson/Cook Marand Rack Rolling Machines. These are flat die rolling machines that create splines, serrations and threads by cold forming. The process is quick, there is no waste created and the multiple features can often be rolled at the same time. Because of the work hardening characteristics of many common materials, cold forming can often produce a stronger spline or thread when compared to other processes.

    This efficiency means rack rolling can save money versus other methods of spline and thread generation. The cold forming process is very repeatable, assuring worry-free quality.

    Rack rolling is very well suited for parts used in power transmissions such as splined input and output shafts, motor shafts and axles. Many worm gears can be rolled as well. Standby can consult with you on your individual requirements. Contact us to learn more.

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