Rotary Hydromat Transfer machines allow for consistent, highly efficient and precise machining.
    These fully automated machines consist of up to 12 horizontal and 6 vertical machining stations mounted on a precision cast iron frame called a rotary. This arrangement is highly efficient because all stations of the rotary can work on different processes at one time, making this machine ideal for consistent, high volume manufacturing. With just over 1” capacity, this modular system is well-suited to manufacture parts between 1″ and 4½” in length from bar stock with extreme precision and reliability and can produce one part every 12 seconds.

    Not only are Rotary Hydromat cycle times fast, parts can be inverted for complete end-to-end machining. This provides tremendous versatility and flexibility in a turn-key machining system as it allows the machine to product a complete part, eliminating the need for secondary operations. Additionally, the machine produces short remnants and thin cutoff for an optimal material savings, resulting in a decreased cost per part.

    Standby Screw has two of these versatile machines that allow us to consistently deliver high-quality parts to our customers.

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