Standby Screw utilizes three different types of grinding machines for secondary processes after a piece has been machined – Mitsubishi and other CNC Center Grinders, Cincinnati Centerless In-Feed Grinders and Cincinnati Centerless Through-Feed Grinders.

    Centered grinding occurs on an object between the centers of the piece, the pointed ends that allow it to be rotated. The piece is held by the two ends and can be ground to a precise depth as the grinding wheel rotates around them. Because the two surfaces move in opposite directions, it’s a smooth operation, perfect for precision grinding one area of the piece at a time.

    Centerless grinding occurs when an abrasive wheel is used to remove material from a piece. Unlike centered grinding, a spindle isn’t used to secure the part. Instead, the piece is secured between two rotary grinding wheels, and their rotation speed relative to each other determines the rate at which material is removed. Standby Screw utilizes in-feed and through-feed centerless grinding.

    • In-feed centerless grinding is used to grind pieces with complex shapes. This type of grinding is used when several areas of different grind sizes are needed on one piece, as opposed to grinding the whole piece to the same size uniformly.
    • Through-feed centerless grinding grinds the entire outside diameter of a shaft down to a specific size and makes it shiny and new-looking on the outside. This type of grinding is good for finishing a piece that has external imperfections such as dings or rust.

    Standby Screw currently has five center grinders, four in-feed grinders and 10 through-feed grinders to help us complete custom projects for our valued clients. Contact us to learn more about our grinding machine capabilities.

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