Baxter is a small, collaborative robot used to help human workers in factories. Baxter robots come pre-programmed and ready to be manually “trained” by in-house staff.

    Unlike other, larger robots, Baxter doesn’t have to be caged when working—our Baxter is small and can work safely, quickly and efficiently next to anyone, cage-free. He is interactive, coming equipped with a computer screen face that can convey “emotions” and the ability to adapt to the working needs of other employees.

    The robot also picks up new skills easily and quickly, allowing him to be repurposed for many, many tasks. His strong, precise arms and force detection allow him to pick up and place pieces just as precisely as a human can. The only difference? Baxter never gets tired!

    Baxter can be used for nearly any factory task—kitting, packaging, loading, unloading, machine tending, material handling, and more. From a production standpoint, Baxter speeds up processes and frees employees from manual, repetitive tasks so that they can spend their time on more specialized work.

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