When people think of the auto industry, they usually just think of the cars and trucks they drive. What the consumer doesn’t necessarily realize is that there is so much that goes into that final product. Standby Screw is proud to manufacture parts such as studs, valve seats, spacers, pins and brushings that service this important worldwide industry.

    As the automotive industry matures, drivers are continuing to look for enhancements and new technologies in the vehicles they drive. Automotive manufacturers must be able to adapt to the growing and changing industry, providing these improvements while keeping costs as low as possible. At Standby Screw, our unparalleled craftsmanship paired with our world-class machines allows us to offer competitively-priced custom parts while always keeping the newest technologies in mind.

    Standby Screw manufactured parts can be found in many high-end vehicles with manual transmissions, including:

    • Aston Martin – shift rails, detent shafts
    • BMW – splined tubes for power tilt steering units
    • Cadillac CTS V – shift rails, detent shafts
    • Camaro – shift rails, detent shafts
    • Challenger – shift rails, detent shafts
    • Ford – pins, brushings
    • Jeep – splined tubes for power tilt steering units, transmission shafts
    • Mazda – pins, brushing

    Are you an automotive manufacturer in need of custom parts? Get a free quote from Standby Screw today.

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