At Standby Screw we make precision machining a priority to provide you with custom solutions to meet your manufacturing specifications and needs. From start to finish, we work hand-in-hand with you to answer your questions, as well as provide customer support and recommendations throughout the ordering process. Explore our high volume, low volume, secondary and overseas manufacturing capabilities or contact us with questions.

    High Volume

    Standby Screw Machine Products Co. offers the optimum solution to your high volume part requirements. Our broad spectrum of high production machinery gives us the ability to match a precise, efficient, and cost effective process which meets your specific needs. Whether you are looking for classic screw machine, shaft, complex Swiss-type, or transfer work, we can solve your most vexing sourcing problems. Contact us today and to get started on your next project.

    Low Volume

    Not every project requires hundreds of thousands of parts. Standby Screw Machine Products Co. has a selection of machines wide enough and flexible enough to handle your smaller projects too. Our lathes, single-spindle automatics, and Swiss-type machines offer the quick setup, low volume efficiencies and fast turnaround that take the big headache out of small orders. Contact us with your requirements and let us handle the rest!


    Your machined parts are not just turned. They need threading, milling, or hardening. They are ground or plated. They need to have gears cut or worms rolled. None of this is a problem when you source your parts with Standby Screw Machine Products Co. Our secondary departments are larger than many specialty manufacturers. What we do not offer in-house, we can source locally with one of our strategic partners. Offsite heat treating and coating services are available. We also offer services including: finishing, grinding and deburing. Don’t let complex secondary requirements hold up your project; contact us today to get started.


    Foshan Standby Machine Products Co., LTD was started to meet the requests of Standby Screw Machine Products Co. customers for price reduction programs and to be competitive in the global market. Foshan Standby shares manufacturing expertise with Standby Screw Machine Products Co. All parts that have a final destination in the US are shipped to Standby Screw Machine Products Co., and processed through our quality system. Customer service is provided from the U.S. via Standby Screw Machine Products Co.

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