Standby Screw and IQMS Team Up For Success

iqmsIn June, we (Standby Screw) teamed up with IQMS, a manufacturing ERP software and MES developer, in order to switch from five separate operating systems to one total manufacturing solution.

IQMS prides itself on ongoing, proactive commitment to its product and relationships and we were privileged to select them in partnership. In considering a new ERP vendor, we desired to consolidate its five individual legacy systems.

The five legacy systems considered:

  • NCR
  • gage
  • statistics
  • SPC
  • manufacturing – into one complete software solution.

The individual systems were causing labor intensive data entry, poor costing tracking and difficulty scheduling when it came to our industry-specific operations, such as lot splitting and batch processing.

We considered a total of eight software vendors before ultimately concluding that IQMS offered the most complete ERP system and was uniquely positioned to solve our disparate systems problem. In partnership with IQMS, we are investing in an industry-specific ERP system that addresses its key selection criteria for more robust scheduling options and comprehensive planning tools for continuous real-time costing.

Vice President at IQMS, Glenn Nowak, said “To transition from five individual systems to IQMS’ powerful ERP software is going to be a huge improvement for Standby Screw Machine Products Co. Almost immediately, Standby Screw will gain more time and greater insight into every aspect of their business so they can focus on what they do best – producing exceptional products at competitive prices.”