Machine Spotlight: CNC Lathes

Photo Provided By: Hurco
Photo Provided By: Hurco

The goal in using CNC lathes is to maximize customer profitability and this is done through the advanced technology that allows you to choose the best programming method for each individual job.

The general purpose of these turning centers is to provide an easy transition from manual turning and milling and the latest technology has allowed for these machines to go above and beyond that standard.

The latest models have a larger memory capacity, a faster processor, and more efficient controls that will get you from print to part much faster.

To check out some of the latest technological breakthroughs with these machines, visit Hurco’s site.

Industry Spotlight: CNC Programming

Did you know that Standby Screw uses PartMaker CAD/CAM for our CNC Programming? The Delcam PartMaker is the world-leading CAM software for production machining. programming

PartMaker applies two unique patented technologies for automating the programming of multi-axis Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type lathes and has been developed specifically to support the unique capabilities of these machines intuitively.

A unique feature is the powerful 3D simulation that allows you to visualize the entire manufacturing process to avoid costly errors and collisions before sending the NC program to the machine.

If your goal is to have a CAM system that:

  • Reduces machine setup time for new jobs by over 50%
  • Gives you the power to take on tough jobs but is easy to use
  • Programs all CNC machines
  • Generates correct NC codes

At Standby Screw, we appreciate innovation that makes tough tasks easier and makes production time more efficient. Get more details on the PartMaker, here.