Machine Spotlight: Broaching

135162095What is broaching?
Broaching is a machining process that uses a broach, a toothed tool, to remove material. This can happen with a linear broach or a rotary broach, however linear broaches are more common and used in broaching machines.

When is broaching used?
When precision-machining is required or when odd shapes need to be created, broaching is used for high-quality production.

What does a broach look like?
A broach resembles a saw and contains three sections: one for roughing; one for semi-finishing; and one for finishing. Because all of these sections are built into the broach, no complex or skilled labor is required to use the machine.

When does broaching work best?
Softer materials are more conducive for the broaching process. These materials include: brass, copper alloys, bronze, aluminum, hard rubbers, wood, plastic, composites, and more.


What do you use the broaching machining process for?

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