Swiss type screw machines have become more prevalent in recent years as manufacturers realized a growing need for high-precision capabilities on a smaller scale. Originally designed by Citizen Watch Company as a way to create high-quality, reliable watch components, the Swiss type machine is now essential in electronic and medical device manufacturing, among other industries and modern applications.

    Ideal for both high volume runs and small-batch manufacturing, the Swiss type machine, also referred to as a Swiss style lathe, is capable of producing parts with shafts up to 1.25” in diameter and 36” in length. The Swiss-type machine is considerably more efficient than a traditional CNC turning center: it requires less lead time, and it can be programmed to accommodate all types of intricate jobs. Additionally, utilizing a differing method of control, unlike a standard lathe, means that the tools move on the X and Y axes and the bar stock moves on the Z; this helps to greatly minimize part defection and allows for very tight tolerances.

    Standby Screw currently uses six Swiss type screw machines in its North American facility and has the in-house experience to expertly program, manufacture and execute any job type or component request. For more information on our Swiss type screw machine capabilities, please contact us.


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