Used most often for high volume manufacturing, the Hydromat Inline Shaft machine provides tremendous versatility and flexibility in a turn-key machining system, producing a new part every 14-20 seconds.

    Hydromat Inline Shaft machines are Swiss-made modular machines consisting of up to 16 horizontal and 7 vertical tool spindle units mounted on a cast iron frame. The Inline machine has the capacity to handle shaft lengths of 9-21” and shaft diameters from ½”-1”, and is well-suited for customized jobs. These machines are an outstanding solution for cost-effective shaft manufacturing as they successfully eliminate the need for expensive secondary operations and benefit from fast cycle times, all while providing substantial material savings and producing a precise and consistent finished product.

    Hydromat Inline Shaft machines are exclusive and limited: less than 20 were ever made. Standby Screw is proud to have five of them hard at work in our facility producing precise, high-quality parts for our customers.

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