What’s In a Day’s Work at Standby Screw?

Horizontal_milling_machine--Cincinnati--early_1900s--001Sometimes, we at Standby Screw, have to take a minute to stand back and realize how incredible the machines are that we work with. Each machine has a special purpose and operation, all of which benefit the consumer in the end!

Here are some quick facts about the amount of parts our machines produce in a day:

-It takes about an average of 12 seconds per piece to be manufactured throughout the shop. Some machines operate much faster than others.

-This means that 300 pieces are manufactured per hour per machine.  We have about 50 primary machines.

When you do the math…

-300 pieces/hr. x 24 hours x 50 primary machines = 360,000 parts produced per day!

Have a question about a certain machine and the products it makes? Ask us, today!


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