Industry Spotlight: Chippers & Shredders

What is your main use for chippers and shredders? At Standby Screw, we manufacture parts that are crucial to the efficient operation of these machines.

wood chipperBasically, wood chippers/shredders are machines that reduce wood, for instance tree branches and trunks, into small pieces, or wood chips. What’s great about these machines is that they are often portable, mounted on wheels or frames suitable for being towed behind a truck or van.

Wood chippers/shredders are comprised of several different parts, which include a hopper, a collar, a chipper, and a collection bin. An internal power source, typically a combustion engine, is what gets these machines going.

Wood chippers/shredders are incredible machines that are used by different industries that get a variety of tasks accomplished. Have a question about our wood chipper/shredder manufacturing? Ask us!