Machine Spotlight: Brown & Sharpe Single Spindle Screw Machine

478337607 (2)Whether there is a need for a single piece or high volume production, the Brown & Sharpe single spindle screw machine will get the job done. It is a high-speed machine that makes production much more efficient!

Brown & Sharpe screw machines have been a cornerstone of American manufacturing for many decades, as they are known to be a best production solution for many turned bar products.

To see this machine in action, watch here.

Machine of the Week: Acme Multi-Spindle Screw Machine

screw-machineAt Standby Screw, we use a variety of machines that make our operations just that much more efficient. The machine we’d like to tell you about this week is the Acme Multi-Spindle Screw Machine. Here are some important features of the machine and how it operates!

-Used to mass produce large quantities of precision turned parts with a very short cycle time

-Operates by progressive and simultaneous machining on all spindles with multiple tools

-For example, bar machines feed our the bar stock to the proper length, tools advance into the work piece at the proper feed rate and properly retract when work is complete

These types of operations can be accomplished with the Acme Multi-Spindle Screw Machine:

-ID & OD Threading

-Accelerated Reaming

-Hi-speed drilling

-Cross drilling


-Milling flats



-& more!

Watch this video to see how the machine in action!