Standby Screw Employee Spotlight: Drew Rabkewych

drew1.      How long have you been at Standby Screw?  I have been with Standby Screw for 20 years!

2.      What is your favorite thing about working here?  Being a supplier to several global OEM’s, Standby has a very fast-paced environment.  There is never a boring day at the office.   It is also very fun to see all of the finished products that have Standby parts in them.   Our shafts are in products that range from Troybilt self-propelled mowers at Lowe’s, to the Cadillac CTS V, which is the fastest four door production car.

3.      If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?   Thankfully, my job has allowed me to visit places that I had never dreamed of going.   I have visited Asia and Mexico several times.   Down the road, I would like to take an extended vacation throughout Europe.   I have been to Italy and it was amazing.    There is so much history in Europe and the food is great.

4.      What do you like to do for fun? I like to spend time around the Lake Erie Island area.   My family has been going there my whole life.   I also like to travel back to places that I have visited for work, and take more time to see the ‘tourist type’ things.   I have climbed the Great Wall of China on two different occasions and learned to windsurf off the coast of Thailand, just last year.

5.      If you had one important piece of “life” advice to give someone, what would it be?  Life is too short to work at a place that you do not enjoy.   If you will spend the majority of your life at work, you should enjoy it.

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