Welcome Our Newest Addition: A Second Robot Cell

We are happy to announce that we have added a second robot cell to our plant! This second cell is very useful as it combines with some types of inspections systems that can monitor dimensional variances.  These systems then give immediate feedback on the process being performed.

Adding this second robot cell makes the detection of potential quality issues much greater and minimizes scrap. Our primary use of robots is to load/unload machines and the transfer of parts within a machining cell.

Why are these robots so productive and useful? :

-Robots produce accurate and high quality work

-Robots rarely make mistakes and are very precise

-They can produce a greater quantity in a short amount of time

-They can work at a constant speed with no breaks, days off, or holiday time

-They can perform applications with more repeatability than humans

-Robots save time by being able to produce a greater magnitude of products

-They also reduce the amount of wasted material used due to their accuracy

-Robots save companies money in the long run with quick return on investment, fewer worker injuries

(reducing or eliminating worker’s comp), and with using less materials.


173260228 (2)We also appreciate the fact that robots keep operations running more smoothly and much more safely for plant workers. They take over dangerous, heavy-lifting, and hazardous tasks in any environment. Standby Screw is excited to be able to put this second robot cell to helpful, efficient use!

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