Industry Spotlight: Gear Motors

At Standby Screw, we are proud to manufacture gear products, specifically parts that go into gear motors. You may think you know what a gear motor is, but the extent of functionality of these parts is tremendous.

gearsGear motors are complete, motive force systems that consist of an electric motor and a reduction gear train that are both integrated into an easy-to-mount and easy-to-configure package.  This design greatly reduces the intricacy and cost of designing power tools and other machines and appliances that call for high-torque at a low shaft speed or RPM.

Gear motors allow for the use of economical, low-horsepower motors that in turn provide a strong force with low speed, such as in lifts, cranks, medical tables, jacks, and robotics.

We bet you didn’t know that gear motors could be large enough to lift a house or small enough to power a tiny clock!

The next time you turn the dial on your washing machine, open your garage, or use a power drill, you’re taking advantage of the strength and productivity gear motors produce. Gear motors make the world “go round!”

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