How Do We Ensure Quality Operations?

461890883At Standby Screw, it is at the top of our priority list that we manufacture all parts at a high quality to satisfy specific customer needs. How exactly do we do that?

In general, each operation has its own inspection plan that operators are trained to follow.

Some features may need checked more frequently than others.

We provide all of the operators with the inspection plan and gauges required for each operation.

We also have comparators, height gages, and various other inspection equipment located throughout the shop, so that operators can stay in their department to check parts, and not have to go back and forth to the Quality Lab.

Finally, before parts are moved away from the machine and back into Work-In-Process (WIP), a floor auditor will also verify the parts are conforming. The live inspection data is entered directly into tablet computers on the floor and parts are stamped to move along.

By taking all of these steps, we at Standby Screw save time, money, and most importantly, provide our customers with products they will be extremely satisfied with.

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