What Our Customers Think About Standby Screw

461890883Each year, we ask our customers for feedback so that we can continue to satisfy their specific needs. From year to year, there is always room for improvement. In our most recent survey, we gathered feedback that made us incredibly proud of our business. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 100% of customers said that ordering from Standby Screw is an easy process.
  • 100% of customers said they would recommend Standby Screw to colleagues and friends.
  • 90% of customers said that Standby Screw takes initiative and is proactive in working with them.
  • 90% of customers said that they were satisfied with Standby Screw’s communication efforts.
  • 100% of customers said that Standby Screw responds to questions and needs quickly and efficiently.
  • 100% of customers said they were satisfied with Standby Screw as a whole!

We’re proud of the work we do for our customers and are pleased to see that they are, in-turn, pleased to work with us! Our goal is to continue to build our relationships with clients, old and new! Learn more about our capabilities and what we can do for you, today!


Standby Screw Helps Sponsor Record-Breaking Charity Golf Outing

It was our honor to participate as a Key Tee Sponsor for MTD Employee Support Foundation’s 7th Annual Charity Golf Outing. This year’s total fundraising was $27, 064 for the Community West Foundation and the MTD Employee Support Foundation. In the seven years that this golf outing has gone on, more than $133,869 has been raised to support these charities in our community.

The Community West Foundation provides much-needed financial support to adult cancer patients and their families at the Cleveland Clinic Moll Cancer Center at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland.

The MTD Employee Support Foundation provides aid and assistance to employees of MTD Products Inc. in the case of natural or civil disaster, emergency, or hardship. It is funded through voluntary employee payroll, deductions, fundraisers, cash donations, and endowments by employees and third parties.

We are proud to give back to our community!


Standby Screw Recognized for Robotics by Crain’s Cleveland

It’s been a whirlwind year since we joined forces with the team at Rethink Robotics to bring our friend Baxter (and more Baxters after that) to Standby Screw. It’s been nothing but a privilege and a blessing when it comes to our S.C.O.R.E. mentality to have robots working alongside us. We’re proud to be one of the first companies in Ohio (there’s only a little over 20 companies now) to benefit from Rethink Robotics’ technology.

Thank you to Crain’s Cleveland Business for featuring us and allowing us to represent Ohio and thank you to Rethink Robotics for being a tremendous team to work with. Read the entire Crain’s Cleveland article, here and watch the video of Baxter in-action at our facility!


Standby Screw-Sponsored CWRU Baja Team Wraps Up 2015 Season

The 10-member Case Western Reserve University Baja Team competed in its third and final competition of the 2015 season on May 20 in Oregon, against 100 teams.

We’re proud to be one of the sponsors of the CWRU team, who placed:unnamed

  • 8th in Sales
  • 17th in Maneuverability
  • 18th in Rock Crawl
  • 23rd in Design

It was an honor to help the team be a part of something so special, as this season they broke records of attending all three competitions for the first time in team history, and placing in the top 20 overall at one of them.

This year’s vehicle design incorporated new CVT tuning technology, suspension geometry, brakes system, agile differential, reverse-shifting mechanism, and a compact, lightweight frame. We are very proud of the work that was put into the car, and its abilities in competition.

We can’t wait for next season already!

Go Behind the Scenes with Standby Screw!

You’ve heard about our robot, Baxter, who helps us work smarter. Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have Rethink Robotics, the creators of Baxter, come film him at work at Standby! A few of us even got a chance to be interviewed about how Baxter and robotics in general have helped our efficiency!

Here’s a sneak peek of yesterday’s shoot, but stay tuned for the official video to be released soon!

The aftermath of Baxter’s work is cleanly packaged and ready to go!
The crew at Rethink Robotics, setting up for our interview!

Standby Screw Assists CWRU Baja Team in Vehicle Competition

It was our pleasure to sponsor the Case Western Reserve University Motorsports Team at this year’s Baja competition in Auburn, Alabama. We assisted in providing transmission shafts to their “Model C” car.

Competing against 90 other teams, the team placed 10th in the “dynamic” events, doing exceptionally well in the 100-ft. acceleration run.

This year’s design featured four-wheel independent suspension, tight-turning radius, CVT, custom CNC’d gearbox with reverse and DGL, 3-D printed knuckles, and a lightweight frame.


Great work, team! We can’t wait to assist in future projects and wish you nothing but success in future competitions!

What’s In a Day’s Work at Standby Screw?

Horizontal_milling_machine--Cincinnati--early_1900s--001Sometimes, we at Standby Screw, have to take a minute to stand back and realize how incredible the machines are that we work with. Each machine has a special purpose and operation, all of which benefit the consumer in the end!

Here are some quick facts about the amount of parts our machines produce in a day:

-It takes about an average of 12 seconds per piece to be manufactured throughout the shop. Some machines operate much faster than others.

-This means that 300 pieces are manufactured per hour per machine.  We have about 50 primary machines.

When you do the math…

-300 pieces/hr. x 24 hours x 50 primary machines = 360,000 parts produced per day!

Have a question about a certain machine and the products it makes? Ask us, today!


The Capabilities of Baxter

cornell-baxter-robot-2You might have heard about our new friend Baxter—the interactive production robot that is assisting us at Standby Screw. Let’s get down to it—what can Baxter do and what makes him so special?!

He’s safe. Baxter doesn’t like to be caged up and luckily, you won’t have to! He doesn’t take up much space and can work safely and productively next to anyone on the floor in our warehouse!

He’s well-trained. There is no need to further program Baxter. He’s ready to be trained by in-house staff, reducing the time and cost of third party programmers.

He’s flexible. Need Baxter to learn a new capability? He can do it. A little re-purposing is nothing for a robot like Baxter who can speed up the ROI process to less than one year.

He’s careful. Baxter’s arms and force detection allow him to pick up, place, and guide pieces just as carefully as a human would. He’s very polite to be so careful.

The next time you need kitting, packaging, loading, unloading, machine tending, or material handling done, give Baxter a try. We’ve even had guest blogs on how easy it is to work alongside him. He’s worth every penny!

How Do We Ensure Quality Operations?

461890883At Standby Screw, it is at the top of our priority list that we manufacture all parts at a high quality to satisfy specific customer needs. How exactly do we do that?

In general, each operation has its own inspection plan that operators are trained to follow.

Some features may need checked more frequently than others.

We provide all of the operators with the inspection plan and gauges required for each operation.

We also have comparators, height gages, and various other inspection equipment located throughout the shop, so that operators can stay in their department to check parts, and not have to go back and forth to the Quality Lab.

Finally, before parts are moved away from the machine and back into Work-In-Process (WIP), a floor auditor will also verify the parts are conforming. The live inspection data is entered directly into tablet computers on the floor and parts are stamped to move along.

By taking all of these steps, we at Standby Screw save time, money, and most importantly, provide our customers with products they will be extremely satisfied with.

The Scoop on S.C.O.R.E


Per the ISO Standard, Standby Screw must set internal goals in certain areas of business. We refer to these as “Quality Objective Measures.”

These measures are reported monthly and S.C.O.R.E is the acronym that we use to keep our goals top-of-mind because it is easy to remember.

Each month, we hold group meetings where we report our progress to all employees and illustrate to them how each employee’s job is important; each employee can affect whether we, as a company, are successful or not.

Let’s break down the “score” for you:


The dollar value lost due to scrap parts each month


The dollar value of parts returned by customers compared to total dollars shipped. We have set a goal of .10% for ourselves in 2015.


While all customers would like 100% on-time delivery, this is not always possible. We track this internally and exceeded 98% on-time in 2014.


The hours recorded for activities for which we do not get paid. This would include sorting or reworking parts that may not meet customer specifications.


While efficiencies for each department are monitored daily, we also report the overall shop wide efficiency for S.C.O.R.E.

S.C.O.R.E is extremely important to us at Standby Screw because not only does it help us internally, but it makes it easier to increase customer satisfaction!