What’s In a Day’s Work at Standby Screw?

Horizontal_milling_machine--Cincinnati--early_1900s--001Sometimes, we at Standby Screw, have to take a minute to stand back and realize how incredible the machines are that we work with. Each machine has a special purpose and operation, all of which benefit the consumer in the end!

Here are some quick facts about the amount of parts our machines produce in a day:

-It takes about an average of 12 seconds per piece to be manufactured throughout the shop. Some machines operate much faster than others.

-This means that 300 pieces are manufactured per hour per machine.  We have about 50 primary machines.

When you do the math…

-300 pieces/hr. x 24 hours x 50 primary machines = 360,000 parts produced per day!

Have a question about a certain machine and the products it makes? Ask us, today!


The Capabilities of Baxter

cornell-baxter-robot-2You might have heard about our new friend Baxter—the interactive production robot that is assisting us at Standby Screw. Let’s get down to it—what can Baxter do and what makes him so special?!

He’s safe. Baxter doesn’t like to be caged up and luckily, you won’t have to! He doesn’t take up much space and can work safely and productively next to anyone on the floor in our warehouse!

He’s well-trained. There is no need to further program Baxter. He’s ready to be trained by in-house staff, reducing the time and cost of third party programmers.

He’s flexible. Need Baxter to learn a new capability? He can do it. A little re-purposing is nothing for a robot like Baxter who can speed up the ROI process to less than one year.

He’s careful. Baxter’s arms and force detection allow him to pick up, place, and guide pieces just as carefully as a human would. He’s very polite to be so careful.

The next time you need kitting, packaging, loading, unloading, machine tending, or material handling done, give Baxter a try. We’ve even had guest blogs on how easy it is to work alongside him. He’s worth every penny!