Machine Spotlight: Marand Spline Roller

Photo Credit: Anderson-Cook
Photo Credit: Anderson-Cook

Let’s start with the basic question you may be asking yourself before you read about this machine: What exactly is spline rolling?

Spline rolling is an efficient, cost and time-saving process for generating complex geometric shapes into metal parts.

The process utilizes paired racks mounted into the spline rolling machine and “rolls” the complex shapes into cold, metal parts. The best part about the process? It takes no more than 15 seconds to produce parts.

Want to know more about these different spline rolling machines? Visit Anderson-Cook, here.

Machine Spotlight: CNC Lathes

Photo Provided By: Hurco
Photo Provided By: Hurco

The goal in using CNC lathes is to maximize customer profitability and this is done through the advanced technology that allows you to choose the best programming method for each individual job.

The general purpose of these turning centers is to provide an easy transition from manual turning and milling and the latest technology has allowed for these machines to go above and beyond that standard.

The latest models have a larger memory capacity, a faster processor, and more efficient controls that will get you from print to part much faster.

To check out some of the latest technological breakthroughs with these machines, visit Hurco’s site.

Summer Softball at Standby Screw


We’re all about camaraderie here at Standby Screw, in and outside of the office! We currently have a summer softball team in Berea and our standings this past week speak for themselves! Go, team!sbs

Machine Spotlight: Citizen CNC Turning Machines

164147200 (2)Did you know that Citizen machines are the most widely accepted Swiss-type CNC turning machines in the world?

What we, at Standby Screw, love about these machines is that they can produce an extensive variety of products.  From electronics, fiber optics, automobiles, tools, valves, and fasteners, the sliding headstock technology paired with a guide that offers an extra point of material support for an efficient machining process.

These turning centers are able to eliminate material vibration and harmonics in order to provide precise machining.  Citizen turning machines are ideal for producing simple and complex parts that require multiple operations!

Machine Spotlight: Hydromat Rotary & In-Line

Photo credit:

Did you know that the basic principle of hydromat machines stays the same, whether it is a rotary or in-line machine?

The modular designs of these hydromat machines are simple, flexible, and efficient and the result is efficient, high production of high quality products. The great part about these machines is that they reduce downtime and that there are no secondary operations that will come at a high cost.

Hydromat machines come as a complete turnkey system that are available in different sizes and equipped with different amounts of stations.  Hydromat machines can perform:

-drilling, cross drilling




-external and internal recessing



-broaching & more!


These machines are extremely efficient and assist our operations at Standby Screw, greatly!