Industry Spotlight: Zero-Turn Mowers

If you currently have a riding mower that isn’t zero-turn, you’re missing out on the optimal efficiency they provide to maximize your landscaping capabilities.

riding mowerAt Standby Screw, we are proud to manufacture parts for zero-turn mowers that are beasts of machines with a wide-cutting deck, high-cutting speed, and the ability to turn on its own axis without leaving any uncut areas of your lawn.

Why continue to try and perfect your lawn without a zero-turn mower? You’ll be saved the time it will take you to go back over those uncut areas with a push mower and your landscaping will be left looking flawless.

Industry Spotlight: Rototillers

tillerWhat kind of rototiller do you use to take care of your outside landscaping? At Standby Screw, we are proud to manufacture parts for Troybilt rototillers, a brand that features rugged and durable parts on its tillers that can effectively turn dirt into fertile soil.

These parts include cast-iron encased transmissions with bronze gear drives.

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with rototillers or are in the market to buy a new one, these machines are motor-driven and have rotating blades for breaking up or “tilling” soil.  Rototillers are used to prepare soil for planting without spade digging or having to use a hoe by hand to loosen up the soil. See more of Troybilt’s tillers, here.

Employee Spotlight: Steve Parish, Quality Manager


1.      How long have you been at Standby Screw? I have worked at Standby Screw Machine Products for almost 21 years.

2.      What is your favorite thing about working here? There are diverse and dynamic people that I work with that have truly amazed me over the years.

3.      If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Europe, especially Italy. I’ve never been there before and there is just something there that draws me to wanting to visit.

4.      What do you like to do for fun? Spending time with my family and raising my children. Volunteering and coaching has been something I also find quite rewarding.

5.      If you had one important piece of  “life” advice to give someone, what would it be? Never underestimate the ability of people, with the right mindset and determination, anything can be accomplished.

Industry Spotlight: CNC Programming

Did you know that Standby Screw uses PartMaker CAD/CAM for our CNC Programming? The Delcam PartMaker is the world-leading CAM software for production machining. programming

PartMaker applies two unique patented technologies for automating the programming of multi-axis Turn-Mill Centers and Swiss-type lathes and has been developed specifically to support the unique capabilities of these machines intuitively.

A unique feature is the powerful 3D simulation that allows you to visualize the entire manufacturing process to avoid costly errors and collisions before sending the NC program to the machine.

If your goal is to have a CAM system that:

  • Reduces machine setup time for new jobs by over 50%
  • Gives you the power to take on tough jobs but is easy to use
  • Programs all CNC machines
  • Generates correct NC codes

At Standby Screw, we appreciate innovation that makes tough tasks easier and makes production time more efficient. Get more details on the PartMaker, here.